Energize and inspire The Undefeated Spirit in your community, sports or business group audience with an Undefeated Spirit Speaker.  All proceeds for Undefeated Speeches and Workshops go to support our Undefeated Mentoring Programs and Award/Scholarship Programs.


Select From The Following Motivational and Leadership Topics

Life Choices

  1. “Life Is A Sum Of All Your Choices”
  2. “Whatever The Mind Of Man Can Conceive And Believe, The Mind Can Achieve”


Undefeated Spirit

  1. “The Undefeated First Time Supervisor/Manager”
  2. “Undefeated  Leadership”
  3. “Undefeated Teamwork”
  4. “The Undefeated Follower”

The Stone Thrower

  1. Youth Inspiration
  2. Black History Month