Undefeated Spirit Youth Mentoring Program

The Greater Toledo Area

Undefeated Spirit Mentoring Programs are designed to help high school students build their mentoring skills while guiding under privileged grade school  youth to discover, embrace and engage a sense of self-worth and their Undefeated Spirit.
Our programs are focused in Canada and the United States in areas where under privileged youth are literally raising themselves.
We train high school students to mentor grade school students while connecting both to community and sports leaders.  The key is to enable both to see and experience leaders that have gone before them and made difficult choices while navigating life challenges.
We emphasize two areas of importance.:
  1. Academic and the necessary requirements and benefits of Education
  2. Life Skills Education.
Our programs involve personal experiences, both good and bad, that allow all to understand that the choices we make today will impact the choices we have to live by tomorrow.

The Characteristics of The Undefeated Spirit

Chuck Ealey’s mother, Earline Ealey, lived everyday of her life with an Undefeated Spirit.  While surrounded by the racial tension of the 1950’s and 60’s and poor economic conditions in Portsmouth, OH Earline raised her son Chuck to focus on the possibilities and look beyond all of the negativity. This Undefeated Spirit was nurtured in Chuck by family, friends, teachers and coaches.

Today Chuck Ealey defines the characteristics of an Undefeated Spirit in these simple terms:

  • Undefeated
  • No Negativity
  • Determination/Desire
  • Encouragement/Endurance
  • Faith/Focus/Fortitude
  • Equality
  • Attitude/Actions
  • Tenacity
  • Education
  • Discipline
All mentoring programs are tied directly to our UNDEFEATED character building guidelines while:
  • Integrating video clips into Junior High and High School history classrooms with a focus on the Civil Rights Movement
  • Applying pre and post-video instructional materials for learning evaluation
  • Promoting discussion-based activities and resources for further exploration
  • Creating opportunities for student reflection and dialogue via online discussion tools