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Undefeated Awards and Scholarships seek out, recognize, reinforce and reward students, athletes, parents, community leaders, and business people that use their Undefeated Spirit to advance themselves, their education, their peers, their team and their community.

We do not honor great athletes, community leaders and business leaders simply because they are great at what they do.

We honor them because they live, share and demonstrate through their actions, in every aspect of their life, an Undefeated Spirit.

University of Toledo Undefeated Spirit Award

Starting in 2008 we have worked with the Athletic Director and Coaching Staff s of all University of Toledo sports teams to identify and honor one student athlete per year that exemplifies The Undefeated Spirit.  A $500 donation is made by The Chuck Ealey Foundation in the winners name to The Rocket Fund.

Past winners include:

  • 2016 – Brenae Harris, UT Woman’s Basketball
  • 2015 – Juice Brown, UT Men’s Basketball
  • 2014 – Rebecca Rhodes, UT Women’s Soccer
  • 2013 – Ben Pike, UT Football
  • 2012 – Andrea Dorth, UT Woman’s Basketball
  • 2011 – Melissa Goodal, UT Woman’s Basketball
  • 2010 – Marquerite Johnson, UT Woman’s Golf
  • 2009 – Allie Clifton, UT Woman’s Basketball
  • 2008 – Stephan Williams, UT Football


2008 Winner – Steven Williams