Bring The Undefeated Spirit Cause To Your Hometown!

Check Out These Ready To Implement Programs That Will Honor, Reward, and Develop The Undefeated Spirit In Your Community.

College Award Program

Nominations are open year-round. We run a month-long digital campaign in the summer to solicit nominations for all national categories. Our Board of Selectors is then tasked to vote for finalists in September. We work on confirming recipients throughout the Fall of each year.

High School Awards Programs

The Foundation’s Board votes to determine national award recipients. Our Selectors are chosen for their commitment to public service and span age, occupation, and point of view. They represent the diversity and individualism which is the hallmark of this country.

Community Award Program

Everyone is invited to submit a nomination for The Undefeated Spirit Award presented each year. Other national-level awards are determined programmatically and are not open for public nomination or selection.

Youth Mentoring Program

Recipients of The Undefeated Spirit Award receive recognition locally and on a national stage.