I could write pages about Marty’s undefeated spirit but I will try to keep it under 300 words. As our union president, Marty has been thrown into the middle of something none of us were prepared for as educators. Having taught across the hall from Marty for 5 years, I have bared witness to the barge of union members who are lined up at Marty’s door with their concerns and complainants about where we , as a union, stand while teaching during a pandemic. Marty takes it all. Where all these issues should be delegated amongst union representatives, Marty takes it all on with grace and patience like no other person I have encountered in my 20 years as teaching. Marty is an outstanding union president, teacher, mentor, and voice of reason for an uncountable amount of people. I have relied on his wisdom and experience so much during my time as a high school teacher I have always wished I could do something to show my appreciation to Marty as a mentor, leader and friend and this seems like the perfect opportunity. I have no idea where our district would be without Marty Perlaky and honestly I don’t even want to imagine it. When I think of someone with an Undefeated Spirit and someone who is 100% invested in our school community, it’s faculty as well as our students, I can’t think of any other person that encompasses all of these attributes more than Marty. He is an amazing educator and leader and I am a better person having worked with him.