In a year when students and staff have been frustrated and unable to do “business as usual” Ilana and Hussein have thought outside the box and created opportunities for our students and staff to learn and grow as both individuals and as a community. When we were finally able to return to school, In November of 2020, Ilana and Hussein created a video for incoming freshman and returning students to give them a virtual tour of the school. This allowed students to come back while easing the usual fist day anxiety many students have walking into a new place for the first time. When the school was unable to plan a typical homecoming week, Ilana and Hussein put on their thinking caps again and decided to create other memorable moment for our school campus. We are celebrating Black History Month in February. We have posters covering the walls of our school with names, pictures, and fun facts citing the achievements and accomplishments of Black Americans throughout history. Additionally, they have highlighted one person each day on the announcements to bring more recognition to these important pioneers in American History. This has been the finest celebration I have ever been a part of in 26 years of teaching. Next month, Ilana and Hussein have planned a women in History celebration. In a time when many people are frustrated, and trying to survive this pandemic: Ilana and Hussein have found a way to teach, inspire and invigorate our school’s community. They have not let this pandemic damper their spirits. They are using their leadership and passion to bring change.