Danielle is the secretary to the assistant principal at Springfield High School. Besides having her own children, Danielle is a surrogate mother to an uncountable amount of students in our building. They come to her for advice, comfort, food, and more. She is able to be firm with students while showing she genuinely cares for them as well. Danielle is always happy, in a good mood, and very giving of her time (which she doesn’t have much of at school) and she has made a difference in countless lives of students of Springfield High School. She’s not seen much outside the office because of the support she gives students. She is a fantastic part of our team, always willing to help out teachers to make their jobs a little easier. Danielle gives of herself so much during the school day, then she goes home and gets her own kids to practices, sports, etc. Where other people might not be giving of themselves to so many children who are not her own, then go home and be a mom to her kids, she’s amazing. Danielle’s Undefeated Spirit should be recognized and I am so pleased to nominate her for this recognition.