This school year has been trying for of the Springfield youth and I’ve found that small things add up. In the most simple ways, Beth is a beacon of positivity in our community. Having the position as a school district transportation dept bus driver has to have it’s stressful moments; however, Beth never lets that interfere with her ability to connect with the kids. EVERY DAY when she drops off my daughter she always has a genuine smile on her face and gives a caring goodbye. Additionally, she looks out for my daughter’s safety by waiting until she interacts with me (not just sees me). So, not only does she treat my daughter with a nurturing heart, she brightens my day. Her warm hello, updates on my daughter or well-wishes for a great weekend always makes my day better. With so many reasons in society today to be negative or stressed out I have never seen her bring that to work. I believe that is what the undefeated spirit is all about: bringing your best self to each interaction and making the community better and brighter each day. In the most simple ways, that are probably overlooked by many, Beth does this daily through her caring and genuine demeanor.